Pagan Blog Project

Pagan Blog Project

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pagan Blog Project introduces the Letter H

The idea behind the Pagan Blog Project was to introduce people to a variety of pagan ideas and concepts using the alphabet as a guideline. Each week we are to creat a blog using the letter with the same letter used for two weeks in a row. I have been horrible about keeping up with this but thats all right. We all have 'stuff' going on and no one is admonished for not 'keeping on track'.

With that, this week I am introducing the letter H.

H is for heavy. Not a term that you often hear used when it comes to wicca.

Often, people think of wicca as the softer side of paganism. heh. Umm, not in my practice.

The wiccans that are on the path that I am on are not fluffy by any means. These people are warriors. They are not afraid to do what needs to be done and at the same time are fully aware of the three fold law. They ARE ethical. However, they are also aware that occasionally, ass needs to be kicked. They do not suffer fools but will lend a helping hand to those who are willing to help themselves. They will cry with you but they expect you to eventually wipe those tears and pick yourself up and get on with business.

They are powerful people with powerful ideas. Heavy stuff? You bet.

Blessings, Mother of Darkness

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