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Pagan Blog Project

Friday, January 13, 2012


I learned how to write affirmations early on my path. Affirmations are an easy way to state an intent. Written as if the intent has already come to pass. They can work for anyone regardless of religious affiliation, race, gender or anything else! 

So what is an affirmation? A positive statement written or spoken as truth. Examples? I thought you would never ask.

Affirmation number one: I post topics weekly to my blog. hehe. Kinda lame I know but writing this as if it has already happened sets the intent that it will happen

Some of my earliest attempts focused on hearth and home such as; I am a great housekeeper. (I didn't put alot of heart in that one, my house is a disaster zone) but it is an ongoing process. I have attempted for the last three years to do the Release programs that Silver Ravenwolf posts on her blog. I usually start strong and give up half way through. I apparently don't mind living in a hoard.

Another, I am a wonderful patient mother. (I have 5 kids) This is an affirmation that I would repeat, occasionally hourly, more often every several minutes when the kids were young. 

The only way to really make an affirmation work for you is to repeat it often, write it on a post it note and put it where you will see it frequently. Meditate on it. And make it obtainable. Do not set your intentions so high right away so that you give up on it when it doesn't happen right away. It would be silly for me to affirm that I have won a million dollars in the lottery, especially if I can't afford to buy a ticket. It would be more reasonable for me to state that I have saved a thousand dollars this year THEN set about making sure that it happens and repeating that affirmation. And it would be even MORE reasonable for me to state, I put fifty dollars in savings every payday. In my mind a thousand dollars seems like alot of money, fifty dollars (although still alot of money) is a much more realistic sum for me to work with. And at the end of the year, when I have saved that fifty a payday, I will have more than a thousand dollars in the bank. 1200 dollars to be exact. 

Tips for affirmations. If your affirmation has to do with saving money, write it on a post it and affix it to your checkbook, put it where you carry your money, or wrap it around your debit/credit card. That will make you think of the affirmation every time you whip open that wallet to buy something. Eventually you will start thinking, do I really need a four dollar cup of coffee? 

Start small. Start with things that are easy to obtain, things that are easy to commit too and then work your way up from there. 

Write and perform a ritual or spell around your affirmation and it's intent. 

Create vision boards for things that you want to obtain. 

Finally have fun with them, keep then positive, and reap the rewards! 

For me? This week my affirmation is; I find the beauty in my hoard.

Blessings to you! MoD


  1. I love affirmations and practice them often; they have really made a difference in my life and I highly recommend them. Nice post!