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Friday, January 20, 2012

Being Human

A Spirit that wants to be seen and heard.
A Vampire that want to lead a normal life and atone for what he has done in the past.
A Werewolf that wants what he won't let himself have, a family.

They are drawn together by one commonality. All three want to Be Human. I quite like this show. Both the British and the American versions but I have to admit; the American version has much sexier actors and is easier on the eyes than the British. What does that make me? Human?

And what of their differences? The things that make them most human are their emotions. Something you rarely see in other species.

I have seen Spirits and I have sent my spirit body outside of myself on journeys. I know there are Vampires out there, self-proclaimed, psychic, et cetra. And I wouldn't be surprised to find a werewolf or two in my husbands family tree, if not a Vampire, they were from the old country.  And I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that people who are adept can send totem animals, wether mystical, mythical, or real as messengers in the ether. And that includes werewolves.

So does any of these things make me or anyone else something other than human? hmmm. maybe. But not really. Does it make someone who is adept special? Occasionally. The thing is, the characters in the show are human, they are human plus. They were made different, not by choice, but by circumstance, and that is the difference.

We have a choice to study and practice and to work HARD to become something more than 'just human'. We can discover the spiritual nature of ourselves and our world. And we have the ability (with practice) to control and direct our emotional energy to get the positive results we want, and not leave a bloody mess behind. And THAT my friends, is what Being Human is all about. 
Blessings, MoD

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