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Pagan Blog Project

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ghostly whisperings

I was sitting on my trusty cooler (doubles as a computer chair :) When I heard a gentle sigh behind me. okaaaay. I looked over my shoulder to the left...nothing.... I looked over my shoulder to the right....nothing.... I looked back at the computer and was just starting to get a little concerned when MY SON stepped out from behind me. That little.....
 My children have taken great pains for years to scare me. I, who make it my business to scare the costumes off little trick or treaters every year. Me, who haunts the internet looking for new and improved ways to amp up my haunted yard.
These sweet angels that I have raised, the same ones that nicknamed ME 'mother of darkness' make it THEIR business to try to scare me. Not every day mind you... Oh no, that would completely desensitize me. Nope, once in a blue moon they will go out of their way to attempt to get a yelp out of me. Over the years they have refined their methods. They don't go for the big in your face scares anymore, that usually got a laugh out of me and left them standing their, mouth agape.
Not anymore, now they go for mis-direction, subtle scares, and the occasional act of trickery. My babies... I've taught them well....

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