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Pagan Blog Project

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


One of the greatest things that I ever learned, IMHO, is how to feel, see, and manipulate energy. Everything is made up of energy. The air we breath, our bodies, the table we sit at, the grass that grows, the force that makes it grow, EVERYTHING! I learned, early on, how to create energy balls and send them. It's been part of several different trainings that I have participated in. In my Massage Therapy class we did a weekend intensive on Reiki. Part of that training was concerned with feeling energy. During the weekend we spent some time making and throwing energy balls around. Someone was snapping pictures and in those pictures you can actually see the balls of energy in the room with us. AMAZING!

In the beginning, we were taught to rub our hands together. Feel the tingling sensation? It's created by heat and friction and it very much feels like the energy you manifest when creating energy balls.

Next, Hold your hands in a prayer position about and inch apart. Visualize a small white ball forming between your hands. Feel the energy. Be open to it. Practice this until it comes to you easily.

The next step involves creating the energy ball and then pulling your hands apart, visualize the ball getting larger and smaller. Feel the resistance of your hands pulling apart. Stretch the energy. When you are done, visualize dropping the energy into the ground and it being absorbed by Mother Earth.

When you are comfortable with that, move the energy away from you. Send it into a plant or a tree. Send it into yourself if you feel like you need a boost. Play with it and let me know your results. Have fun with it!

Blessings, MoD


  1. I would so love to have an experience like that.

  2. It's alot of fun, especially when you have like minded people to work with.