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Pagan Blog Project

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I have found that, in my experience, wicca has been the first religion that did not turn a snobby nose up at having FUN! Of course, not every ritual or working is about fun. Some are truly serious and occasionally heart renching. But having a joyful experience is a big part of the spring and summer celebrations. For me, it balances me out. It allows our playful sides to come out. Weaving a mayday pole. Playing games, singing and making merry in the midst of celebrating the God and Goddess is a great way to connect to spirit. It is one of things that drew me to witchcraft as a child (yes, I have been on this path in one form or another all of this incarnation.) I love the serious side of the craft too, but after the coldness of winter, the joy of spring lets us give free reign to our inner child. Brightest Spring Blessings and Happy Ostara to you all!  MoD

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