Pagan Blog Project

Pagan Blog Project

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Me and the grandbabe had a swell time with a little seat of our pants Ostara ritual today. We created sacred space together with her repeating the words after me. It was quite fun considering she will only be three at the end of this month. We thanked the Goddess Bried for a beautiful spring day and then we grounded with a chocolate crisp bunny and strawberry milk, or strawberries as Princess Evil calls it. If you are wandering if that was a miss-spelling, no, it was not. That little label was given to her, funnily enough, by the USPS. A friend sent a package to us when she was born, care of me of course, but addressed to Princess Evie. When the USPS transferred the info to the label, they addressed it to Princess Evil. She ofter lives up to her name, all in good fun of course. But what do you expect? She is the number one granddaughter of the Mother of Darkness...


  1. Love the way she got her name. The Universie must have definitely had a hand in it.